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Best Toilet Reviews 2016 Guide

One can never cast a doubt on how toilets have helped us to achieve our goals in life. It has become a place to defecate, a place to think, and for some people a place to gossip. There is also no harm in saying that the toilet is one of the most important places in which you would be able to divert all your important information. Well, if you happen to be looking to camp for your holiday, or you would like to go out for a hunting trip, a portable toilet should be your best companion. However, if you looking to purchase the ultimate toilet for your house, it is important that you go through all the features before you select a particular toilet.

Types of Residential Toilets

Notably, there are four types of toilets that you would come across. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Wall facing toilet: - In this type of toilet, it can be set against the backdrop of the bathroom wall. It is mostly off the modern variety, and it can contain a cistern that is located in wall, and also contains concealed pipework that is found to go from between the bathroom walls was to make it extremely quiet to flush. Such kinds of toilets are extremely easy to clean, and they can provide extremely good use of space, particularly for bathrooms that are extremely small in size.
  • Closed toilet (coupled): - This is becoming an increasingly popular choice of a toilet which has been replacing the traditional type of toilets in the modern households. In this type of a toilet, you have the pipe which is connecting the cistern to the pan to remain exposed. Due to this, the system will be able to sit directly above the pan of the toilet, which therefore enables the name coupled closed toilet. However, the noticeable disadvantage of using this style is that there is a thin gap between the back of the toilet and the wall, thereby making it extremely tricky to clean around.
  • Wall attached toilet: - This type of a toilet is basically fixed to the surface of the wall in the bathroom. In this case, the cistern is directly attached to the wall of the bathroom, thereby allowing for the pipes to be hidden discreetly within the walls of the bathroom.
  • Hanging toilet: - This is a type of toilet that is a new entrant in this market. Hanged by the wall, which is basically mounted on a bracket, you find that this particular toilet will be able to get a lot of accolades due to its modern design and contemporary features. It will be able to remain lifted off from the ground completely, thereby making it extremely easy for you to clean such a type of toilet. It also features an in wall cistern, which leads to an uncluttered appearance, and makes it an ideal product to be incorporated in bathrooms which have a very small amount of space. Cleaning does not take up a lot of time, and you will be able to make ample use of small spaces with this modern equipment of defecation.
  • One piece toilet: - In this kind of toilet, you would find that the integrated tank and the toilet has been seamlessly brought together so as to save a lot of space and make for a wonderful streamlined design. This is particularly used when space is extremely constrained.
  • Two Piece toilets: - For houses that have a relative sized bathroom, the two piece toilet may seem to be a wonderful feature for installation. It will be able to provide a wonderful system and level connectivity that can be found between the tank as well as the bowl of the toilet making the installation extremely easy for you.
  • Pressure Assist Toilet: - This form of a toilet is ideal for those people that happen to live in a new building; it will most certainly contain low pressure of water that is ideal for this type of a toilet.
  • Power Assist Toilet: - If you need a toilet that can function like a powerful one, which consists of a powerful flush system irrespective of the cost incurred to maintain it, then this type of a toilet is ideal for you.
  • Single Flush Toilets: - If you need a powerful flush, but are not that considerate of the conservation of water, then going for the single flush variety shall do the trick for you in the toilet arena.
  • Double Flush Toilet: - If you live in a mentality that thinks of conserving water at every opportunity, then going the double flush route should be appropriate. However, the initial costs are way high, but in the long run, the water saved will make up for it.

What to look for when buying a Best Toilet in 2016

  • Regular Use: -Always take into consideration the number of people that would likely use that particular toilet. The size of the tank is to be calculated in this regard. In most cases, the tank attached to the toilet will be able to store about 7 L of water for the purpose of flushing at a particular point. If you have frequent people coming into the bathroom, then you need a toilet that can store a lot more water, and will be able to get the proper flushing done.
  • Gravity Assist: -Most common in North America, gravity -assisted toilet can help in reducing the amount of water used for the purpose of flushing. If you live in a place in which water is at a premium, then you could make use of such a toilet. This way, even if you have a large family, you need not have to worry about enough power used for flushing the toilet, neither about wasting excessive water flushing the toilet.
  • Flushing Power: -Also important is the need for you to determine the flushing power of the toilet. If you find that a toilet will be able to flush essentially without any kind of clogging, then that is the right thing of toilet for you. However, if a toilet does not have effective flushing mechanisms, then you are going to be calling up the plumber very frequently in order to get rid of the clogs. So, it is important for you to get that what immense knowledge before you could make up your mind on purchasing a toilet.
  • Accommodation Space: -Select a model that shall be compatible with the appropriate space in the bathroom. So, your preference should be dependent upon the complete set up in your bathroom, as well as the aesthetic appeal and the overall designs that can prove to be exceptional to your taste and liking. Moreover, you have to make sure that the toilets contain a traditional design, something that is not too geeky for you to not understand. For example, people traveling to Japan are always confused with the different kinds of electronics to be found in the toilets. So much so, that they end up becoming a mess when they come out from the toilet. So, do not try and incorporate something that will not be understood by the majority of people making use of the toilet.
  • Shape and Size: -Carefully consider the shape of the seat in the toilet. If you have adults in the room that would use the toilet, then you need to go for a larger area of roundness or a large oval shape rather than a small one. However, it is not always about the shape, but also about the total dimension. Your family might consist of people that are exceptionally tall or short. Exceptions will also need to be made accordingly to the shape and size of the toilet.
  • Considerations in terms of Height: -Installing the toilet at a height, or selecting the height of the toilet is also important. If you have small children that are comfortable with small heights, then you need to make considerations for them as well.
  • Multiple Options: -Always go through a lot of choices before ending up selecting a toilet. Go through the different toilet reviews in the Internet for more information. By doing so, you shall be aware of the different technologies that have been imbibing to the toilet. For example, a lot of standard toilets now come with antibacterial properties that can get rid of problematic bacteria and all the other disease causing germs from your best rated toilet.
  • Budget: -Keep in mind the budget that you have set aside for the best toilet, and go accordingly. This will help you to get rid of a lot of confusing models, and select those that fall within your budget bracket.

Advantages of the best rated home toilets

  • With a good toilet, you will be able to flush all the waste away without any kind of problems.
  • Always remember that the best toilets will be able to help you to conserve a lot of water with each and every flush, although they would not leave behind any material in the cistern.
  • Varieties such as that dual flush toilet will be able to eliminate the liquid waste with only a single gallon of water per flush. You can read the toilet reviews to find out the product of this caliber.
  • The main benefit of using or having a good toilet is the relative amount of comfort that you can get. A good toilet will be able to help you defecate without any kind of problems. It would have the correct height, as well as all the technology that you need to make yourself comfortable.

Disadvantages of a bad cheap toilet

  • A toilet without any flushing power only results in waste materials remaining back and water getting wasted.
  • Most of the modern toilets have a lot of working parts, thereby making the process of going to the toilet extremely hard for many. If the toilet is broken down, then unless an experienced person takes care of it, going to it is non-existent.
  • Modern toilets involve the need of a plumper which is going to cost you a lot of money.
  • Maintenance cost increases if you go for using the new modern toilets, most of which contain a lot of electronic parts for providing additional comfort.

Some of the Best Toilet Brands to consider

Let’s have a look at some of the best toilets and go through toilet reviews to find out the best rated toilets in the market.

  • TOTO: - With the TOT Drake 2 piece toilet, you would not be able to resist going to the toilet in a strict regularity. It looks pristine, and has the perfect amalgamation of standardizing equipment and exceptional flushing power.
  • American standard: - The brand by the name of American standard has brought out a toilet by the name of champion, which is a true name for a wonderful toilet. It has definitely stood out from the crowd with a surface that is antimicrobial in property, and will be able to take care of any kind of bacteria formation in the surface of the toilet.
  • Kohler: - A name to be reckoned with in the sanitary industry, Kohler has brought out a lot of good products in the toilet cleaner, but nothing better than the Santa Rosa. It is a marvel of its own, and although it is a bit on the costly side, it’s design and leak free experience will definitely keep you mesmerized.

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